As we continue to practice social distancing 

please use one of these options...You can watch the service on our Facebook page-there is a link to the left-from home.  You can also sit in your car in the parking lot and listen on 87.9 FM radio. There are picnic benches along the side of the church and you will be able to listen through the speaker we have placed outside.   We want you to feel safe and do what is best for you.  If you come into the sanctuary please wear your mask and practice distancing.  

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Katrina Workman will be sharing a new boat lesson for the children.

Our service will be able to be heard through

your car radio at 87.9 FM if you are in the parking lot. 

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For online giving please click the tithe envelope above.  Thank you for your tithes and offerings if you are able to give at this time.  

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For the latest Delaware State updates on the Covid 19 virus (and lots of other local news and happenings)

 please click here.

We haven't received Our Daily Bread for the new quarter, but you can access it here and also download the app to your phone.  Our Daily Bread online has a lot of extras to offer such as a journal and insights to what the days message is about.  Just click the Our Daily Bread picture above to go to their website.

Pastor Dave and Debbie are sharing daily 'live' sermon moments at approx. 9:00 am.  Click the Ark pic above to go to the Facebook page or you can enter The Ark (Seaford Wesleyan) Community Page in your Facebook search.  If you have a question you'd like to have Pastor Dave answer (he loves questions) you can fill in the form below or email him at

Have a question for Pastor Dave's daily 'live' sermon session?  Send it to him below.
At this time of trial in our country, please pray for those making decisions along with our families and those in need in this time of confusion.  Please pray for peace and wisdom as people try to sort out how to get through these hard times.  As opinions run high, pray for unity of thought and agreement.  Let us bow humbly before the Lord and lift our requests up.


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